Simple solutions that help companies make increasingly assertive decisions.


Since 2014 we have been developing simple, business-orientated solutions that bring value to our customers.


We have a team of 20 people with experience in implementing business support solutions.


We have already earned the trust of more than 100 national and international companies in countries such as Ireland, Switzerland and Mozambique.

Our services

Business Intelligence (BI)

To put it simply, what we do in our Business Intelligence solutions is to create solutions that allow us to extract greater knowledge from the business.
We mostly work with administrators, directors and middle managers, adapting technology to the business and not the other way round.
Generally speaking, we collect information spread across multiple systems and make it available in the form of knowledge so that they can make decisions based on facts and less on intuition.

Personalised Training

Sharing knowledge is one of our priorities.
This can be seen in our team’s participation in various universities and events.
Our clients recognise our approach to the market, and see us as part of their own teams, not hesitating to guide them in the maintenance and evolution of systems in continuous improvement, such as those we implement.



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